We are a team of scientists and professionals working tirelessly to help people with devastating cancer diagnoses. This is who we are.


CNS Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of anti-cancer drug candidates for the treatment of primary and metastatic central nervous system malignancies.

Our lead drug, Berubicin, is a next generation anthracycline that appears to cross the blood brain barrier and kill tumor cells in the brain. This represents a potentially new treatment for patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GMB), an aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer.

Our Purpose

We are focused on developing novel drugs with the ultimate aim of advancing treatments for patients with primary or secondary brain cancers.

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Crossing the blood brain barrier

Previously studied anthracyclines have limited efficacy in the brain due to their inability to cross the blood-brain barrier. At CNS Pharmaceuticals, our pipeline products Berubicin and WP1244/WP1874 appear to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, differentiating them from other clinically available anthracyclines.

Management Team

Under the leadership of John Climaco, CEO, the Management Team is responsible for overseeing the business operations of CNS Pharmaceuticals.

Photo of John Climaco
John Climaco, JD
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Chris Downs
Chris Downs, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Don Picker
Don Picker, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Photo of Sandra Silberman
Sandra Silberman, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Photo of Zena Muzyczenko
Zena Muzyczenko
Vice President of Clinical Operations

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises healthcare leadership, finance, and technology expertise. They guide our long-term strategic plan and assist in advancing our mission to find effective treatment strategies to improve outcomes for patients faced with glioblastoma multiforme and other primary and metastatic brain cancer.

Faith Charles, JD
John Climaco, JD
Chief Executive Officer
Jerzy (George) Gumulka, PhD
Jeffry R. Keyes, CPA
Amy Mahery
Bettina Cockroft, MD, MBA

Scientific Advisors

Sigmund Hsu, MD
Scientific Advisory Board